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Venture Northeast Revitalize Conference

October 29, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - October 30, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

Ignite Transformation and Unleash Lasting Growth in Your Ministry.

We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of church leaders like you. That’s why we have meticulously curated a conference experience that delves deep into the core aspects of pastoral leadership and congregational growth. Join us at our conference to discover practical strategies, powerful insights, and a supportive community that will equip you to rejuvenate your church, deepen your impact, and experience transformative growth.

Many pastors find themselves yearning to revitalize their ministries but feel stuck and uncertain about the right steps to take. From declining church attendance to the struggle of connecting with future generations and improving your online presence, the path to transformative ministry can often seem elusive.

Imagine a ministry where your congregation is not just growing in numbers but also deepening their faith. Envision a worship ministry that engages hearts and leads people to encounter God’s presence. Picture yourself and your spouse finding renewed joy and strength as you navigate the unique challenges of pastoral life. Create a future where your church becomes a hub of personal evangelism, fostering vibrant connections with the community. This is the revitalized ministry we want to help you achieve.

At our conference, you’ll embark on a transformative journey alongside like-minded pastors and church leaders who are passionate about advancing their ministry. Through engaging workshops, insightful keynote sessions, and interactive discussions, you’ll gain practical strategies and actionable insights on a wide range of crucial topics;


Breakout Sessions Will Include:

Developing a Deeper Soul: Rediscover your spiritual vitality and strengthen your personal connection with God, equipping you to lead with authenticity and conviction.

Married to the Ministry (For Pastor’s Wives): Nurture your marriage and find a supportive network of like-minded individuals who understand the unique dynamics and challenges of being a pastor’s spouse.

Revitalizing the Declining Church: Uncover proven techniques and innovative approaches to breathe new life into your congregation, revitalizing its sense of purpose and relevance in today’s world.

Growing a More Effective Worship Ministry: Learn practical strategies to cultivate a worship ministry that resonates with congregants, creating transformative experiences and drawing people closer to God.

Improving Your Online Presence: Unlock the power of digital platforms to extend your ministry’s reach, engage with a wider audience, and effectively communicate your message online.

Strategies for Growing a Church Younger: Discover actionable methods to attract and connect with the younger generation, fostering an inclusive and vibrant community within your church.

Advancing Personal Evangelism in the Local Church: Equip yourself with effective tools and approaches to engage in personal evangelism, empowering your congregation to become passionate ambassadors for Christ.

Understanding and Reaching Future Generations: Gain valuable insights into the needs, aspirations, and communication preferences of future generations, enabling you to effectively reach and disciple them.


Join us at our transformative conference to gain the knowledge, inspiration, and practical strategies needed to empower your ministry. Experience a supportive community of pastors and industry experts who are passionate about your success. Together, let’s embark on a journey that will revolutionize your ministry and leave a lasting impact on your congregation and community. 

Remember, the power to transform lives and revitalize your church starts with you. Secure your spot today and take the first step toward unlocking a brighter future for your ministry.


(Includes Three Meals and Breakout Sessions)
Book Hotel Room Separately

Single – $100
Couple – $175
Second Staff Person – $85

Limited Space Available – Pre-registration is required
so save your spot today.

Scholarships are available upon request.




Hotel Rate
$129 per night
Link will be sent out by email once you’ve registered.


October 29, 2023 @ 6:00 pm
October 30, 2023 @ 5:00 pm


Doug Geeze


Faith Church, 22 Faith Avenue, Auburn, MA